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Fjords, snow, trolls, Northern Lights, Norway has this and more beyond my stereotyping!

I have visited Norway a couple of times and seen it in winter and summer. It is a stunning place and would take a life time to fully appreciate the variety and vastness of its landscape.

Fortunately, you can get well on the way to Norwegian mastery in less than a lifetime due to the many similiarities it shares with English. Like Italian, I would recommend either to you if you want an easier introduction to a second language.

I started Norwegian a few years ago and found it quite easy to assimilate, partly due to the close ties with modern English but after having attempted Hebrew and Arabic, most languages appeared easier!

I try to maintain some Norwegian throughout the year, usually via an exchange on iTalki and will continue to do so as opportunity and time allows.

English speakers should find no difficulty at all with learning Norwegian. Many words are similar to their English counterparts, grammar has no surprises and the pronounciation is consistent. And....Norwegian has such a charming, rolling lilt to it. Less harsh than other germanic based languages to the south.

I use the iTalki language platform extensively to get language practice and meet people from all over the world and help them with English and to get help learning my languages.

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A Little Extra

This should get your fired up about Norway and thinking about the language behind the beauty.