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Input Equals Output

Posted: Friday 10th January 2020 | Euan Jackson

The things we dwell on, read about, allow to enter into us, are the things that we manifest in daily life. What is your input?


A universal and inviolable principle is stated thus: whatever you sow is what you will reap. It is a simple yet profound law that acts impartially upon the least to the greatest.

Paul, the Christian apostle also stated this plain truth in Galatians 6:7.

Neither is this law limited by location or time; it simply is an unshakeable truth that what we put into something is what we will get out in the end.

Every farmer knows this as does the educator to the pocket money saver.

Patronising and obvious? Perhaps, yet the simplicity of this truth may prevent us from acting on it and thinking other more complex factors and dark arts are in operation, frustrating our progress.

As in many things and according to Ockhams Razor, the truth is usually the more simple explanation.

And here, I can find no better explanation for the reasons people give for why their life has gone on a certain trajectory rather than the one they would have wished for; reaping what has been sown.

An interesting example how this outplays in life may be siblings. Raised in the same environment to the same set of parenting structures. Schooled the same and recipients of equal affections, guidance and provision.

Yet, years later down the road, we can see a clear departure from their life paths; one may be very successful in business, fulfilled family man or woman, applying their understanding in getting the most out of life.

The other sibling, although subject to the same formative influences, has not faired so well. Insecurities about abilities and ill discipline with money matters has meant that this sibling has very little to show for their efforts.

Money pressures, emotional angst and little by way of clear direction moving through life. Aiming for nothing and arriving daily at nothing.

So what changed between the two since leaving the nest?

Without wishing to enter into all the complexities that the analogy raises, more often than not, the analysis can be brought down to the simple application of our starting premise: You reap what you sow.

How so?

If you have no general plan for your life, you are in effect sowing infertile seeds into the ground. Investing your energies into relationships or work roles that are clearly fruitless, destructive or demeaning is ultimately a game of diminishing returns.

If you planted pebbles into a patch of earth, would you expect a fully blossomed, fruit bearing apple tree within a year?

Mad as that sounds, this is exactly what many expect from their lives. They do not invest in themselves neither are they mindful about the relationships they cultivate nor how they spend their money or ignore future security by failing to budget and save.

Thus the second sibling in our example is surprised that despite his family privileges and education similar to his brother, he does not have now what his brother has reaped.

However, he does not stop and soberly assess how his more successful brother has come to possess the lifestyle he now enjoys; the years of holding back on spending to better his education. His discipline in avoiding excess in all areas that he might be more circumspect about his use of time, resources and abilities.

How, his sibling as had goals about where and how he sees his life and has actively implemented steps on the way to ensure the realisation of these goals. The sacrificial cuts made to achieve his objectives.

Simply stated, the more successful sibling has understood well that what he wants out of life, the reaping, he has had to be diligent to invest, (sow), the right seed to reap the expected fruit.

Think for a moment about what input you allow into your life; the influences you allow in via what you watch, listen to, read, the programs on TV, the conversations you choose to participate in and very importantly, your current circle of friends and confidences.

These are all seeds that are being sown. In fact, throughout the day in our interactions with the world at large, seeds of thought, ideas, habits, etc are being sown into our minds, both actively and passively.

We must actively engage our mind to filter what it allows in, what has permission to go into our fertile imaginations and hence determine the fruit.

The fruits, in our analogy, are the resultant behaviours, our personal belief systems, how we spend our time, money and strength.

And herein, lies the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful. We all start on an equal playing field but the input we allow into our minds and lives is a matter of intentionality.

The successful have learnt how to effectively guard their thoughts and only dwell upon those things which tend towards the lifestyle they envision for themselves.

This is as true in spiritual pursuits as it is in any secular field. It is an inviolable law.

So, if you are thinking about your life lot and how you arrived there, this must be a consideration for you: what input have you allowed into your life? What influences have been the strongest? What of time spent in activities and events, that have proved barren and destructive?

Yes, there are many things in life beyond our control and I have already alluded to this in The Power Of Gratitude, but let's be honest, much of our current situation is the express fruit of all we have sown into it; it is the unfailing return of all we have said, done and thought to this point.

An ancient proverb confirms our diagnosis: "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." - Proverbs 4:23

But, here is the game changer. If this is so, then TODAY you can decide to sow differently into your life, think in a new way and act according to your new beliefs.

Tomorrow does not have to look like today. What you sow into today will be reaped tomorrow. What is invested into your life this year through your reading, relationships, money strategies, is what you can reap down the line.

We have no problem grasping that if we want a pension on retirement, then we will need to start putting money away long before the encroaching retirement day comes. We get this and instinctively grasp the sow/reap principle. Do it likewise for every other area of your life.

If you feel this is a biographic about you today, good! I want to help.

Resolve today that despite current realities, tomorrow will be different because today you are going to sow different habits of thinking, speaking and doing.

It really is that simple. Applying this universal truth will transform everything. That is as inviolable as the truth itself.

Now get sowing something good!


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